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28 April 2012

There ain't no party like a PJ party!

I know I'm late, but traffic was crazy! Er no - actually, the simplest of simple PJs nearly defeated me! These are the "third time lucky PJs":
I even managed to line up the checks! (hoorah!)
These PJs are uber-comfy and I love them! But I had all manner of issues sewing them up, because I thought "instructions, schminstructions - how hard can it be?". Well, first I sewed the front legs together. And serged them. And then realised my mistake. Do you know how long it takes to unpick serged seams?! The second time around, I failed to distinguish between the right and wrong side of fabric and ended up with two of the same leg. Ach. But finally, I made it... and it was worth it.

I used Simplicity 2328 and a super-snuggly checked flannel from Fabrics Galore.

And here I am with my current read:
I'm reading Storm of Swords, by George RR Martin. Not my usual thing, but I'm totally hooked on this series, and was pleased to see that I'm in good company - both Paunnet and Amy (of Sew Well) are reading the same series too.

Thanks Karen for hosting the PJ party! I'm off to eat cake and watch films, in true PJ-party style.

speak soon!

16 April 2012

Pyjama party!

I'm sewing along with Karen and a HUNDRED others! That's one big pyjama party!

I'm just sticking to good old-fashioned, PJ trousers, in a cosy checked cotton flannel:

just the trousers, not the shirt
Both the pattern and the fabric are from my stash - I've been meaning to sew a new pair of PJs for an age, but they're just not terribly exciting, are they? Thanks to Karen for the motivation!

I'm tempted to sew a pair for Mr P&N too, but he gets his annual allocation of PJs at Christmas, so perhaps I shouldn't confuse matters.

Oh I love PJs.

speak soon!