30 November 2012

A WIP round-up

What's the collective noun for WIPs? An embarrassment of WIPs?

Sunni, of A Fashionable Stitch, recently posted about "craft monogamy", and the idea that concentrating on one thing at a time is the best way to be productive. I do see the logic in that, and I wish I was the kind of person who could see one project through to the end before starting another.

But I'm not. Instead I have a few projects on the go. I don't feel stressed, overwhelmed or guilty about this. But I do feel quite slovenly, as my projects do have a tendency to take over. And of course it takes much longer to finish each project.

So here are my current WIPs.

Cabernet Raglan pullover

I started this in October. I knit slowly and it's an easy pattern, but I'm quite pleased at how quickly it's coming together. There was a 2-week hiatus (I had the flu, and then needed to buy some DPNs for the sleeves), but I'm back on track. Just the sleeves and collar to do.

Since-February quilt

I started this in February. It took me an afternoon assemble the quilt top. And not much longer to get it all basted together and ready to quilt. I started hand quilting it in late March, and I'm still quilting it. Hand quilting takes an eternity! And I'm not even doing anything fancy. Mind, I did ignore this for most of the summer months. But now it's a perfect project for cold evenings in front of the telly.

Tova IV

I cut the pieces out in March, when I made my third Tova. My intention was to get a production line going and sew them both together, but I didn't think at the time that I'd be using different coloured thread. So I just held off sewing it up, then forgot all about it, and recently rediscovered it when tidying up.

Grainline Moss Mini skirt

As you can see, very early stages: all the pieces have been cut out. I've been doing this incrementally: 15 minutes a day à la Tilly's post. I've been trying (even pre-Tilly's post), with varying degrees of success, to get through all my WIPs by giving them each 15-20 minutes a day. It sometimes feels a bit like speed-dating, but much less awkward, tedious or soul-destroying.

Sunny Little Clouds shawl

Because I clearly don't have enough to keep me busy, I cast on this shawl last week. I only knit it in bed, however, while listening to an audiobook. It's very easy, and best of all, yellow!

Snöflinga hat

Well, why not? This project lives at the office, and I get between 15 and 30 minutes a day to work on it. I started it this week.

So there you have it: lots going on, and not much being completed. I do have an FO to share: I spent ages on it, it's lovely, but the buttons need to be adjusted (so technically another WIP). Maybe next week.

Have a lovely weekend, and keep warm!

Speak soon

ps, Boris the laptop is finally back! hoorah!
pps, If you want any more info on my knitting projects, the details are here on Ravelry.

12 November 2012

FO: another Scout woven tee

How many times will you make a pattern before you've had enough?

I've made three Tovas (and another coming soon!), more than three Wiksten tanks (I haven't shown the fourth on the blog) and five variations of Sorbetto (again, not all blogged). And I'll happily make more of all of these now that I've got the fit right and I know that they work for me.

And I think I'll add the Scout Woven Tee to that list. Here's my third:
scout woven tee

I went for the 3/4 sleeve variation again - this time adding another inch to the sleeve length. Apart from that, it was the same as before.

I had intended to add a collar, but forgot to adjust the neckline seam allowance before I cut the pieces, and in hind sight, I think the collar wouldn't have worked so well with this print. Next time ...

scout woven tee

This version is made with brushed cotton. Brushed cotton always reminds me of pyjamas, so I was worried that this might end up looking a bit nightwear-y. But it doesn't. It does, however, harness the best qualities of PJs: it's warm, comfy and so so snuggly. It's a little less drapey than the red one I made, but still drapey enough: I definitely wouldn't want to use anything much heavier than this.

Scout woven tee

This is how I wore it to work last week (I'm not ready to give up the boot-cut jean, I don't care what fashion says). I think it will also look good with a straightish skirt (Moss mini, coming up soon!).

The colour is all over the place in these photos due to the poor autumnal lighting. And since Boris the laptop is still off sick, I'm blogging from the iPad (with photo-editing software that I can't quite use!). The above photo is closest to what the true colour is.

So here are the sums:

1.5m brushed cotton from Fabrics Galore - £12
Grainline Scout Woven Tee pattern - £0 (already own it)
Thread from stash

Total: £12
And will I make this pattern again? Ab-sew-lutely (see what I did there? yak yak). I might take a break from it for a while, but there will be more of these in spring.

Back soon with another FO!


5 November 2012

A nothing-much post

My laptop (Boris*) is at the laptop hospital, so things will be a bit quiet in this little corner of blogland for the next few weeks. I haven't really been sewing up a storm (it's so much more tempting to curl up on the sofa and knit), but do have a couple of FOs to share once Boris returns.
boo... it's cold

speak soon!

(* is it weird to still be naming inanimate objects as one coasts towards her mid-30s?)