30 December 2011

2011 in review and some New Year's intentions

This time last year, I had a sewing machine but didn't really sew. And while I haven't been as productive as some of my fellow bloggers, I don't feel at all bad about it because I've achieved much more than I thought I would when I set out.

Hills are Alive Dress (Vogue 8232); Cambridge Blue Dress (Vogue 8511); Falling Stars Skirt (Simplicity 2215)

Top: Spring is Here Top (Simplicity 2593); Sweet Treats Top (Colette Sorbetto)
Bottom: The Refashion (Colette Sorbetto); Second Scoop Top (Colette Sorbetto)

Birds quilt; Giant Granny Square baby blanket
Knitted Necklet and Toasty Armwarmers; Saffron Jane hat
Other successes include an unphotographed and unblogged-about Pendrell, some as yet unblogged-about Xmas pressies and some bags, stuffed toys, etc.

Pink Ginger; Ugly Crepe; Weird Poof Sencha
I am planning to revisit a couple of these fails. I already have plans for a Ginger skirt, which I hope to start working on in the next week. The Crepe is only a fail because of the hideous fabric. This coming summer I have plans to recreate it in (hopefully) a cobalt blue cotton with a contrast sash (I have a very specific image in my mind of what I want). The Sencha will need more work and I don't feel confident in my fitting skills yet.

2012: good intentions
For 2012, I don't want to get carried away with (for me) unachievable goals. I do want to continue improving my skills. If I were to have a wish list of what I'd like to make in the coming months, it would look something like this:
For all of these, I plan to use what I have in my stash. I also intend to finish the shirtdress I started in my sewing class (15 button holes - yikes!). I absolutely won't let myself sit on this project, because I really do think it's going to be lovely. I'd also like to make a dress for a wedding in June (maybe the Colette Truffle?), and I really want to get to grips with my overlocker. And finally, I want to make a quilt (I've already cut out the pieces). So quite a few things, really!

speak soon x

*Happy New Year and all the very best for 2012 - may your shears be sharp, and your pins pointy!*

22 December 2011


Only three days to go, and I've still got a couple of presents to make! Oops.

I'll be back after Christmas with a little round-up of my home-made pressies. But until then, I'll take the opportunity now to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

speak soon x

13 December 2011

I'm just mad about saffron

Hurrah! I've finished my hat. Taadaa:

I used the same so-yummy yarn as the arm warmers (which are very cosy) and I still have some left over. I think I'll have to knit up a snood (I'm determined to make it onto Karen's World Map of Snoods).

I used the Jane pattern by Jane Richmond (also on Ravelry). The pattern is pretty easy, and would be fine for a fairly novice knitter, I think. It's my first hat, and I found the whole process pretty addictive.

I'm already considering my next hat. Perhaps this, in red:
Bailey, by Jane Richmond

I dedicate this make to my bestest bud, who insists that this yarn is orange in colour, while I maintain that it's in the yellow spectrum. For as long as we've known each other, we've always seen/described colours differently (her first car was blue, she says; purple, I say, and so on). Secretly I think she's probably right this time, but don't tell her I said so. In the end, we agreed on saffron (which the OED says is yellow-orange*).

on a very windswept beach in Belize
*(yellow first, I win!)

Speak soon! x

9 December 2011

oh brother!

eeeks! too exciting!
Imagine my surprise when I came home to this wonderful treat from my Mr! It was expertly gift-wrapped too (concealed under a tablecloth).

I've been seriously considering purchasing an overlocker since I first used one during my sewing classes (I just couldn't believe how quickly I finished off all the seams), and I can't wait to get to grips with this one.

But I haven't had much of a chance yet, as I've been busy producing stock for my "pitch" at the office charity craft fair, which took place earlier this week! And here it is (you'll have to excuse the quality of the photo - I forgot my camera, and this is taken on a Blackberry):

I made some small totes (which I called lunch totes), some simple curved zippered pouches and some clutch purses. The totes, which were the easiest to make (and used 2 fat quarters with virtually no waste!), were the most popular. I'm pleased to have made a serious dent in my fabric stash - though with each sale, I was a bit saddened to be parting with such lovely fabric.

Now that the fair is over, I can get down to some serious pre-xmas sewing. I've decided to make some of my presents this year*, and as usual, have left it rather late in the day (oops). (*I'm not saying any more on this - I just don't know who's reading!)

I'd better get cracking!

have a lovely weekend & speak soon x