19 November 2011

some knitting, some stitching

And so the knit theme continues. I've finished a few small projects, while working up the courage to deal with the scary-looking lace chart in my knit-along sweater.

These two are prefect for the season (and also for my freezing cold office):
Knitted Necklet

Toasty Armwarmers
Both are quick and easy to knit up, and excellent for novice knitters (and also for xmas presents!). The knitted necklet in particular has received many compliments. (It only uses one small ball of yarn - I plan on making many more!)

I've also started on a hat, made with the same lovely yarn I used for the armwarmers:

and if I have enough left over, I'm going to make another necklet. Seriously - this yarn is so soft and smooshy (I believe that's a technical word) - if I could, I would knit a body suit out of it, and wear it all winter long.

Sewing plans
Current sewing projects are plodding along at a gentle pace. I'm still working on McCalls 2401 - my first muslin was a bit of a disaster: following the envelope measurements, I merged from size 8 at the bust, to 10 at the waist and 12 at the hips - a mess, just too hideous to photograph. So now I'm trying an 8, to 10 at the hip, but I think I'll need to make some adjustments at the shoulder. Which leads me to:

What I learned in sewing class this week
During my sewing class this week, I learned that due to my good posture (from a childhood spent either at ballet class or pony club) and very flat shoulder blades, I will nearly always need to make some adjustments at the shoulders. Apparently commercial patterns assume some roundness in that area, which I don't have and so I need to take out the excess accordingly. Since I've started sewing, I have become increasingly aware of how clothes fit me, and have noticed that nearly every top I own gapes at the back - and now I know why! though of course, in order to fix this, I need very long Mr Tickle arms, or a dress form (which I'm now saving for). Expect a plea for dress form recommendations in a few months' time.

And finally, I challenge you to visit the Ray Stitch shop in London and come away empty handed. It cannot be done.

Have a lovely rest-of-the-weekend, and speak soon! x

ps, thanks so much for everyone who replied with tips re prewashing wool crepe. v much appreciated.