20 May 2011

The hills are alive

I finished my dress! hurrah! What do you think?

"The hills are alive" dress

I used Vogue 8232 and Liberty lawn - the pattern is called The Chilterns.

See the rolling hills?

While it's far from perfect (especially the zip, ahem), I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

There is some slight gaping at the neckline (more obvious at the back than the front), which I think I can eliminate next time by raising the shoulders by 1/2". I lengthened the bodice by an inch and I also added 1" to the length of the skirt. I found the facing quite fiddly, but I think that's just because of my inexperience - the Vogue instructions were pretty clear.

The pattern didn't call for a lining, but lined the skirt anyway: while the print is dark, the lawn is a bit sheer.

I will definitely use this pattern again. With a few tweaks, it could be perfect! I did make a muslin of the bodice, but the minor issues I have with fit weren't so apparent until the whole dress came together. I know now that in addition to length, I'll nearly always have to make some kind of adjustment for a narrow back.

So now that's done, I can cross it off the list and focus on my other two works-in-progress.

This week's flowers: Sweet William

Have a lovely weekend & speak soon!

ps, I'm also working on a little something with this. But it's top secret for now!

6 May 2011

A detour on the road to Sencha

I've done what I always said I wouldn't: I'm now working on several projects at once.

I always planned to be a one-project gal, seeing something through from start to end without distraction. But alas, no. I could blame the Sencha blouse, but it's not its fault - blame lies entirely with me and my tendency to digress. So I started the Sencha and once I'd made my adjustments and cut out the pieces, I all of a sudden got terribly bored by it all. I decided I didn't want a Sencha in my life. I wanted a dress. And that's what I've been working on instead.

So now I have two projects on the go. No, three... I am also in the very early stages of my Crescent sew-along (which I shall re-title, my Crescent catch-up as I'm lagging behind).

lilacs everywhere at the moment! hmmm yummy!
I've added a new page to the blog: Work in progress. Hopefully this will prevent me from hiding from my incompletes and unfinisheds. And you can also see them and tut at me should I add another (which I won't, I promise, I hope...). I also feel I need to be more sensible about my fabric purchases.

over-flowing stash

In fact, I now promise not to buy any more fabric; well at least until I've made a noticeable dent in my stash. I made this promise to myself, as witnessed by Mr Pins & Needles, last week - but then we were in John Lewis in Cambridge, and he went to inspect the AV department and I accidentally found myself in the haberdashery, being talked into buying this (I didn't take much convincing, I admit):
It's lovely and soft and drapey, with a very soft sheen. yummy. It's crying out to be turned into a dress, I think. But seriously, that's it as far as fabric purchases go now for a while. The only sewy things that I am allowing myself to buy are notions for projects and fabric for lining, if I need it. I've also added another couple of pages to the blog - the fabric stash, which catalogues the current stash of fabric (and hopefully guilts me from buying any more!) and the pattern stash. There's only one thing that isn't listed (some nani iro linen currently en route from Japan - I bought it a couple of weeks ago, so it was a pre-promise purchase).

The dress I'm working on is nearly done, so I'll have something to show you very soon! My least favourite two stages are left: zip and hem. It's my first time inserting a zip, so I hope I don't wreck it. I've read all my sewing reference books (grand total of two), and watched multiple YouTube tutorials, so I think I'm ready to tackle it.

bluebells! double hurrah!
Have a lovely weekend & speak soon!

PS, All the photos above are from my parents-in-law's garden, in which I spent most of last weekend. With no outside space of my own, I am overjoyed that my house plants are waking up!
joy of joys!