19 February 2011

Wet but wonderful Walthamstow

It's not often that I come across someone who can get excited about fabric and trimming, but today I got lucky. Karen did an amazing job organising a guided tour of Walthamstow market: maps, badges, she thought of it all! It was wonderful to meet fellow sewists and bloggers, and when we were all standing around a market stall in the grim drizzle, getting very excited about 10p zippers and bargainous buttons, I knew I was in good company. You can read more about it and see some photos on Karen's blog (thanks again Karen!).

This is what I came home with
10p each? yes please!
20p each? Don't mind if I do!
I have plans for a Colette Sencha blouse for this.

This butterscotch polka dot was a big hit - at least three other ladies bought it too.
I'll probably use it for a dress.

In other sewing news
I finally got all the pieces of my Crepe dress cut out. It's going to be quite an ugly dress. This is nothing at all to do with the pattern. Rather, I made a poor fabric choice. Still, it's all good practice. I'd rather do all my learning with fabric that I don't love, so that I can make it again confidently in fabric I do love, without worrying too much about doing anything wrong.

speak soon!